25:25:25:25:25 CATCH ME IF YOU CAM
MobiOpera - OUTFEST2007

25 seconds to catch a lover, 25 minutes to get in bed, 25 hours to bow out, 25 months to ring up, 25 years to be forever. We seek the seducer, the fucker, the loser, the lover and the forever to recount their 25:25:25:25:25 ventures with their handy, their cells, their mobiphones.

Outfest celebrates its 25th anniversary with MobiOpera, a collective public cinema captured on the go and played back on the move. Filmmakers will jointly script and shoot a soap opera using their cell phone camera during Outfest and post the episodes online. The narratives unfold daily on the web and in real life for festival-goers. Audiences can view and interact by posting their own 'soapisodes' to the MobiOpera site. Daily happy hours are scheduled to bring together the makers and the viewers for sharing drinks and drama. A final VJDJ SOAPTRAVAGANZA celebrates the 25 years of OUTFEST FOREVER.

MobiOpera at Outfest2007 MobiOpera at Sundance2007